One-of-a-kind patterns.

Your body doesn’t only have a size, it also has a shape. But all clothing patterns today are made for a very limited range of shapes. That’s why clothes might not fit or flatter even if the label says it’s your size. Why should we stick to an obsolete system? You shouldn’t have to do alterations and work-arounds to adapt a pattern that wasn’t made for you.

Time to do away with obsolete sizing standards that didn’t work for the majority of people anyway. You want to make something amazing, and you deserve patterns that fit you from the start. At SeamsTrue, we make sewing patterns to fit your body.

We draft custom patterns from your measurements, just for you. Our guidebooks are full of detailed photos to make the construction process clear and easy to follow. Everything you’ll need to make your very best creations!

We design custom fit patterns for every body.

We have been designing, patterning, and creating clothing for fifteen years. We specialize in recreating clothing and costumes for living history. There's nothing like the challenge of making something from scratch that can't be found in stores, and discovering new techniques along the way! Now we're embarking on a new project to provide truly custom fitted patterns.

Check back with us here as we post new patterns and build our collection. Reach out! We would be delighted to hear from you.