1370 BCE Baltic Shirt

1370 BCE Baltic Shirt — A 3300-year-old fashion that you can wear today!


Women's garb for ancient Nordic, Germanic, Celtic, and proto-Viking. 14th Century BCE to 6th Century CE.

From Archaeological Finds in Denmark: Egtved, Skrydstrup, Borum Eshøj, and Huldremose.

From the moody shores of the Kattegat and Baltic seas, comes a garment worn by a well-traveled young woman bedecked in bronze jewelry for ceremonial dance and acrobatics. The Baltic Shirt is an amazingly clever, minimalist design that you can sew in one day! Made famous by the discovery of the "Egtved Girl" (Egtved Pigen) archaeological remains.

One piece, two seams, almost zero waste! Great for fabrics you want to splurge on, like diamond twill, handwoven fabrics, or garment leather. Makes a perfect project for small-batch plant-dyed fabrics. For reenactment, coordinate it with a peplos or "bog dress". Or wear it in a modern outfit for historybounding!

Pattern includes choice of two necklines; keyhole neckline and boat neck.

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